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Our Staff 

Souzan Kazemyan


Edwin Luna-------------------------------------------------------------Chief Operations Officer


Shahira Luna----------------------------------------------------------------------Office Manager


Yarenia Beltran-------------------------------------------------------------------Office Manager


Joaquin Galaviz-----------------------------------------------------------Head Dental Assistant


Maritza Badillo------------------------------------------------------------Outreach Coordinator

Dr Souzan Kazemyan

Dr. Souzan Kazemyan was born and raised in the small city of Kerman, Iran. Growing up her parents had the biggest and best dreams of her becoming a great and accomplished health care professional one day. Dr. Kazemyan never let her parents down and achieved constant honor roll and exemplary grades. Following her completion of high school she knew that it was time for her to move onto bigger and better things, Dr. Kazemyan made the bold decision to get up and move to America alone to complete her bachelor's degree. Through many years of being alone and the struggles of being a newlywed and a new mother, Dr.Kazemyan graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Texas, Arlington with a bachelor's degree in biology. Soon after her college graduation Dr. Kazemyan moved from Arlington, Texas to Houston, Texas to pursue her dreams, and attended dental school at The University of Texas, Dental Branch in Houston. She bravely completed four years on top of being a single mother of two children. Dr. Kazemyan soon began to see patients and developed the title of "Dr.K". Dr. K is known for her excellent work and precision. Her love for children allows for an amazing and hassle free experience for children. And Dr.K's extreme patience and care provides every anxious and nervous patient with a peace of mind and comfort. Turns out her parents were right, Dr.K was made for the industry! And her love and passion fro dentistry only continues to grow every single day.

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